Case Studies & Testimonials

These are just a few NYVAS patients and their stories.


Chance, a 10-year-old European Great Dane, suffers from arthritis and back leg weakness. Happily, he has responded very well to acupuncture treatment. Here's what Chance's owner told us about his treatment.

"Watching a much-loved dog age is always difficult, especially when conventional veterinary care isn't entirely effective. My wife and I rescued our Great Dane Chance at just 88 pounds, 6 years ago, and after recovering from his abuse he enjoyed years of good health. Now, at the age of 10, he suffered increasingly with arthritis and back leg weakness, making him unable to hike with us. Every time he got up or lay down he would grunt with pain and was no longer able to stand on his back legs to put his paws on my shoulders.

Desperate to find something to help Chance, we spoke to some friends whose older dog had recently made a great recovery from incoordination and weakness in his back legs. They told me how acupuncture was their dog's major therapy; this was why he had recovered so well. I had always believed in acupuncture for humans, but admit I was skeptical about it for Chance and how acupuncture could be done on a dog. We were desperate to help Chance, so we made an appointment.

Due to his past, Chance is very protective of me and does not like to be handled by other people. To my surprise, he never reacted to any of the needles - it was like he knew that Dr. Lindsey was going to help him. He enjoys the treatment and now lately even falls asleep.

I thought that Chance would never be able to put his paws on my shoulders again. After three acupuncture treatments, I was giving him a treat when to my surprise, he jumped up on my shoulders again, just like he had always done. He no longer grunts with pain and has much improved endurance on walks, becoming able to hike again. He is much happier and more playful with our other Dane. Acupuncture has given him and me a much better life and given us more time with our wonderful dog. It is so great to see Chance happy again!"


Jude, a Chocolate Dutch rabbit, was sadly diagnosed with the infection E. cuniculi. Jude is also blind due to mistreatment before he was rescued by his current owner, who takes great care of him.

Before acupuncture treatment, Jude's liver enzymes were very high, showing that his liver was damaged. After we started acupuncture and Western herbs to support his liver, Jude's liver enzymes returned to normal and he gained more energy. Jude's condition is maintained by treatments every 4-6 weeks. During the acupuncture treatment, Jude can happily hop around with the needles in place. This makes treatment possible even for active animals like rabbits.

This is what Jude's owner commented about his treatment:

"It is hard to find a veterinary acupuncturist who is willing to work on an animal as small and delicate as a bunny but when I found Dr. Lindsey, she was confident she could help my bunny Jude who with his illness was labeled by one doctor as a hopeless case. A second doctor suggested alternative treatment combining acupuncture with herbs, this led me to search out an acupuncturist who would be competent, confident, and gentle enough to work on a rabbit. I also wanted to find means where the acupuncture could be received in a safe, quiet, familiar environment so as not to stress my animal too much; home was the best option and Dr. Lindsey does home visits.

My rabbit Jude has been receiving acupuncture treatment for several months for liver and kidney disease and a low immune system due to infection by E. cuniculi; at first every other week and now every other month for routine maintenance. Before treatment Jude was not as active and had large depressions at the acupuncture points associated with his liver; now he has virtually no liver depression spots and lots of energy.

Not only was I able to notice a change in my rabbit but his blood work showed amazing results. After several treatments, his liver and kidneys were now functioning normally from the acupuncture treatments and herbal supplements, I was so pleasantly surprised. With Dr. Lindsey's patient and knowledgeable acupuncture techniques, she has given my rabbit back his life and I am eternally grateful."


Bodhi, a Pomeranian, was treated with electro-acupuncture and herbal medicine for nerve irritation, most likely due to diffuse spinal disc disease. Even with treatment with painkillers and anti-inflammatories, Bodhi was still often stiff and painful.

Bodhi was treated by Dr. Harris with a combination of dry needle acupuncture, electroacupuncture and herbal medicine.

Since acupuncture treatment started, Bodhi is no longer in pain and has become much more mobile. He no longer demands massage every night and is willing to walk further and begin to play again with his cousin. Overall, acupuncture treatment has been very successful for Bodhi, which is particularly good because there were no further options for him in conventional medicine.


Oscar the cat was treated for intermittent lameness, which had come on suddenly and for no apparent reason. As Oscar was an outdoor cat, his owners assumed that he must have had an accident with a car.

Oscar's mom of course took him to the veterinarian as soon as she noticed the lameness, but nothing was found on x-rays and there was apparently nothing wrong with Oscar's leg. The veterinarian prescribed painkillers but these upset Oscar's stomach too much for them to be used.

Oscar was therefore out of options with conventional medicine, and his mom turned to acupuncture in an attempt to get him the help he needed. Happily, Oscar responded very well to acupuncture and his lameness was completely resolved after two treatments. This is what Oscar's owner commented about his treatment:

"Oscar (my 3-year-old cat) suffered with intermittent lameness for 12 months following a suspected road accident. Unfortunately he was unable to take conventional painkillers due to previously suffering adverse effects from them.

Dr. Lindsey first visited Oscar when his lameness was at its worst. Her calm, relaxed manner made Oscar feel at ease and content. The one hour treatment was completed successfully.

As expected, the acupuncture slightly exacerbated his symptoms for the first few days following the initial treatment. Oscar's symptoms then showed dramatic improvement. His lameness seems to have completely resolved after two treatments. The treatment appears to be effective and without side-effects."


Duffy was treated for an old shoulder injury that often left him hopping on three legs.

Since treatment with electroacupuncture, herbal medicine and massage began, his lameness greatly improved and he no longer shows any signs of lameness or discomfort. He has become much more energetic and now enjoys walks like he used to before the injury.

Just like Bodhi, Duffy had been treated conventionally with anti-inflammatories and painkillers, but these were not particularly effective for him and he still hopped on three legs. Chinese medicine therefore offered a great additional option for Duffy, with genuine benefits. Duffy now no longer receives acupuncture or any herbal medicines and his lameness has not returned.


Ben was an elderly German Shepherd whom Dr. Lindsey treated for arthritis and incontinence. After treatment started, there were improvements in both Ben's mobility and incontinence. Ben's owner commented:

"Ben does not seem to register any pain and therefore has no fear of the process; in fact, he seems to welcome it. He is always very pleased to see Dr. Lindsey and lies peacefully while she administers the needles... his arthritis and incontinence have definitely improved through the acupuncture treatment."


Dara, a 6-year-old, Doberman was treated for Cushing's disease (hyperadrenocorticism). This is a hormonal imbalance that can cause excessive thirst, weight gain, muscle weakness and hair loss. It is generally treated with daily medication, but Dara's owners were concerned about potential side effects and so instead chose holistic treatment.

Before treatment started, Dara was very anxious and agitated. After beginning combined acupuncture and Chinese herbal treatment, she became much more relaxed and her symptoms of Cushing's disease improved.

This is what Dara's owners said about her treatment by Dr. Lindsey:

"Dr. Lindsey has a wonderful, loving and calming effect on our Dara. Dara trusts and relaxes with her and lies still while Dr. Lindsey places the needles in her.

Her symptoms have improved and we are so happy to have an alternative way to treat her for Cushing's disease."


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