Acupuncture Isn't Just For Dogs & Cats: Jude's Story

Jude is a wonderful Chocolate Dutch rabbit who Dr. Lindsey has been treating for problems associated with infection by the parasite E. cuniculi. This is what Jude's owner writes about his acupuncture treatment and its results:

"It is hard to find a veterinary acupuncturist who is willing to work on an animal as small and delicate as a bunny but when I found Dr. Lindsey, she was confident she could help my bunny Jude who with his illness was labeled by one doctor as a hopeless case. A second doctor suggested alternative treatment combining acupuncture with herbs, this led me to search out an acupuncturist who would be competent, confident, and gentle enough to work on a rabbit. I also wanted to find means where the acupuncture could be received in a safe, quiet, familiar environment so as not to stress my animal too much; home was the best option and Dr. Lindsey does home visits.

My rabbit Jude has been receiving acupuncture treatment for several months for liver and kidney disease and a low immune system due to infection by E. cuniculi; at first every other week and now every other month for routine maintenance. Before treatment Jude was not as active and had large depressions at the acupuncture points associated with his liver; now he has virtually no liver depression spots and lots of energy.

Not only was I able to notice a change in my rabbit but his blood work showed amazing results. After several treatments, his liver and kidneys were now functioning normally from the acupuncture treatments and herbal supplements, I was so pleasantly surprised. With Dr. Lindsey's patient and knowledgeable acupuncture techniques, she has given my rabbit back his life and I am eternally grateful."

Jude is a great patient and it has been very rewarding to see him improve with acupuncture and herbal treatment. Jude's case also shows how acupuncture isn't just for dogs and cats, other animals such as rabbits can also benefit!

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