New at NYVAS: Canine Stance Analyzer Precisely Measures Weightbearing

To aid in our canine rehabilitation services, NYVAS has recently acquired a canine stance analyzer. This recently-developed equipment is found at very few veterinary clinics, yet is an invaluable tool in evaluating a dog's weightbearing. The stance analyzer is composed of a pressure-sensitive mat divided into four sections. The patient simply stands on the mat with a paw in each section, and data is displayed on the connected laptop to show precisely how much weight is borne on each limb. The process takes just a few minutes and is entirely non-invasive and pain-free. Dogs enjoy using the stance analyzer as they receive treats to keep them standing in the correct position!

By removing subjective impressions of a dog's stance and generating objective data, subtle lamenesses and weight-imbalances can be detected before they are visible to the naked eye. The stance analyzer can also be used to objectively measure progress in recovery and response to treatment, whether the dog receives acupuncture and/or rehabilitation therapies. A dog may not be able to tell us what is wrong, but with the stance analyzer we can quickly and precisely determine which leg(s) are problematic and how badly this is affecting the dog.

The stance analyzer is available at NYVAS' clinic at High Point K9 Center in Middletown and Hudson Valley house calls.

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